The Healthcare Speech That Obama Won’t Give

Dear Fellow Americans, In every state’s history, there are moments that turn to its leader to handle the truth and tell the truth to his fellow countrymen and women. This is such a moment. It is a time of crisis and future. Crisis implies danger; future implies opportunity.

You see, the problem is to some extent one of definition. For 30 years we have been calling health care bills healthcare. But in the truest sense, health care bills is the analysis and treatment 私密處脫毛 of disease, and usually it makes focus when we, as individuals, have failed to take care of ourselves. We are the ones responsible for our healthcare, but we have been shifting the duty to doctors who cannot eat, exercise or quit smoking for us.

Most of us were born normal and healthy. But 40 or 50 years later, what we put in our mouths has made us what we are. Hippocrates, the father of Medicine said, Nature cures… Let the meat be your medicine. inch If we consider that cuts, burns or bruises heal, organic beef realize that the body is designed for self-healing and it will do so if we closely with with the anatomy’s healing mechanism.

A Blue Cross brochure cites a federally funded study by UCLA in Alameda Local that found people with seven simple health habits were living an average of 12 years longer. But those who smoked cigarettes, consumed, were obese and unhappy-those who broke the seven rules had their lives shortened by 30 years compared to those who observed all seven rules.

Oddly enough, this study did not even ask what they ingested! Nathan Pritikin, an electrical engineer who had blocked arteries studied world populations that didn’t die from heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes, His best-selling book got 85% of men and women off blood pressure medicine and insulin or drugs for type-II diabetes with a zero fat, low cholesterol diet and exercise, but no alcohol or caffeine.

The bottom line is a huge advantage for eating better and abstaining from harmful habits and drugs. The best-kept secret is that adverse drug reactions have made health care bills a respected cause of death and handicap in the You. S. Every nation practicing western medicine is on the brink of bankruptcy. General Engines understood this when they could not get caught up with the medical costs of their senior citizens. We start to use the massive effort in public places health that the You. S. Senate Select Committee and Doctor. Mark Hegstad from Harvard requested 35 years ago.

People need to be taught that drugs do not cure disease. A look at the list of of adverse side effects can help us know how drugs change the form and location of the disease, like Vioxx changed arthritis to heart attack. Marcia Angell, MARYLAND, former publisher of the New The united kingdom Journal of Medicine makes a case for no drug ads on TV. Her book, The truth About the Drug Companies, How they Trick Us should be required reading for medical students and we need to get the drug vestibule out of congress and medical school education.

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